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The all-new avast! Internet Security  includes a bunch of interesting new features, like the eight powerful real-time shields to protect your web browsing, email, P2P and IM activities and more.

In avast! Internet Security you’ll also get to try the new Web Reputation plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox, which tests the reliability of the websites you visit; the AutoSandbox, to test suspicious programs; and the SafeZone, a special area for sensitive online transactions.

The firewall module included in avast! Internet Security detects network connections automatically, and lets you assign different security protocols to them according to their potential risk.

The interface in avast! Internet Security hasn’t changed much. The design is basically the same, only bigger – something that may not be that comfortable for some users. In any case, if you’d like to try it out, remember it’s still at a beta stage, so don’t use it as your only security tool.

avast! Internet Security helps you protect your computer from spyware, phishing, spam and other potential threats.

Includes the powerful avast! Antivirus
Eight real-time shields
Includes firewall, spam filter and site blocker
Web reputation plug-in
Customizable firewall module
Antispam feature
Virtual desktop
Large window
Web reputation plug-in only available for Internet Explorer and Firefox
Lacks some "nicer" features - recovery disk, anti-phishing, etc.

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